WESTCARB Annual Meeting
Sacramento, California, October 19-20, 2010

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WESTCARB 2010 Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
SESSION I: Welcome and Overview (moderated by Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB Technical Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [LBNL])
WESTCARB Welcome and Introduction (no slides) Consuelo Sichon, WESTCARB Principal Investigator, California Energy Commission
California Welcome (no slides) Commissioner Jeffrey Byron, California Energy Commission
DOE’s Carbon Sequestration Program Dawn Deel, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
WESTCARB Story 2010 Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB Technical Director, LBNL
SESSION II: Terrestrial Sequestration (moderated by Consuelo Sichon, California Energy Commission)
Terrestrial Sequestration John Kadyszewsk and Sandra Brown, Winrock International
Terrestrial Sequestration Panel (no slides) Sandra Brown, Leslie Bryan, Jim Cathcart, John Nickerson, Bob Rynearson
SESSION III: Regulatory Issues and a Vision for CCS Commercialization (moderated by Mike Gravely, California Energy Commission)
California Carbon Capture and Storage Review Panel Update Carl Bauer, Bauer & Associates
Getting to 2050: Pathways to Deep Reductions in GHG Emissions Amber Mahone, E3
SESSION IV: Regional Technology Implementation Plan (moderated by Rich Myhre, Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.)
Introduction to the WESTCARB Regional Technology Implementation Plan—A Commercialization Visioning Group Exercise Rich Myhre, Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.

Breakout sessions on key elements of a vision for CCS commercialization in the West:

  1. Beneficial Reuses of CO2
  2. CO2 Capture Technology Scale-up and Emerging Technology Introduction (no slides)
  3. Geologic Sequestration—Key “Front End” Issue: Risk Assessment and the Potential for Induced Seismicity (no slides)
  4. Geologic Sequestration—Evolution of Technologies for Monitoring, Verification, and Post-Closure Environmental Stewardship (no slides)
  5. Carbon Accounting Protocols and Regulatory Compliance (no slides)
  6. Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration—Protocols and Policy Fit with Other Programs in Forestry, Agriculture, and Wetlands/Watershed Management (no slides)
  7. CCS Project Finance (no slides)
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
SESSION V: CCS Projects in the WESTCARB Region
(moderated by Niall Mateer, California Institute for Energy and Environment [CIEE])
Characterization of the Offshore Wilmington Graben for Large-Scale CO2 Sequestration Mike Bruno, Terralog Technologies
Hydrogen Energy California (HECA): A Low-Carbon Power Project (no slides)
Michael Cox, Hydrogen Energy California
Siting Carbon Sequestration Projects: Lessons From the Field Barbara Kornylo, Shell Oil
Best Practices for CCS John Litynski, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
SESSION VI: WESTCARB Regional Issues and National Resources on CCS
(moderated by Lorraine Hwang, California Institute for Energy and Environment)
Induced Seismicity Associated  with Fluid Injections for Energy Resource  Applications: Lessons  Learned    Lorraine Hwang, CIEE, on behalf of Ernie Majer, LBNL
U.S. Geological Survey National Geologic Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Assessment Project Jake Covault, U.S. Geological Survey
California: Assessment of Offshore Potential and Screening for Salinity in the Southern Sacramento Basin John Clinkenbeard, California Geological Survey
Alaska: Assessment of Saline Formation and Deep Coalbed CO2 Storage Potential Diane Shellenbaum, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
A Summing Up (Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB Technical Director, LBNL) (no slides)

a). A future for terrestrial sequestration in California: interagency discussion

Review of Findings: Selected Terrestrial Sequestration Projects, John Nickerson, Climate Action Reserve

b). Industry perspective on geologic CO2 storage—an exploration of issues and resources to support a regulatory framework