AZ Pilot Overview

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1-IMG 0252
  • 1-IMG 0252
    Drilling of initial conductor borehole
  • 2-IMG 0256
    Mobilization of WDC's reverse circulation drilling rig
  • 3-IMG 0275
    WDC drilling rig in place
  • 4-CIMG0255
    Drilling crew making a pipe connection
  • 5-CIMG0264
    Inspection of wireline logging tools before rigging
  • 6-CIMG0266
    Wireline logging tools about to be lowered into hole drilled to top of Supai Formation
  • 7-Rig Mob
    Mobilization of Bearcat's double-stand rig
  • 8-IMG 1116
    Erected rig mast with the ash pond and the Cholla Power Plant in background
  • 9-IMG 1096
    Hard rock tri-cone drill bit
  • 10-Drilling On Rig Floor
    On the drilling rig floor
  • 11-IMG 1051
    Pipe rack and pipe sections ready for hoisting
  • 12-IMG 1061
    Drilling crew hoisting a pipe section
  • 13-MakingUpDrillCollars
    Making up drill collars
  • 14-MakeConnection2
    Tightening the connection
  • 15-IMG 1072
    Mud logger collecting chip samples from the Supai Formation
  • 16-IMG 1102
    Mud logger examining formation cuttings under a microscope to ascertain the rock composition
  • 17-IMG 1118
    Chemical testing of drilling mud properties
  • 18-IMG 1064
    Kirk Delaune, Drilling Site Manager, explains how monitoring tools inform on-site decision-making
  • 19-IMG 1110
    Site visit by partners: from left to right, Dennis Shirley, Kevin Wanttaja, John Roznovak, Kirk Delaune, and Cassius McChesney
  • 20-IMG 0345
    Conclusion of another successful day of drilling alongside the Cholla ash pond

1-IMG 0252






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