WESTCARB Annual Meeting
Scottsdale, Arizona, September 15-17, 2009

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WESTCARB 2009 Annual Meeting

Tuesday, September 15
SESSION I: Overview
(Moderated by Larry Myer, WESTCARB Technical Director)
Mike Gravely, Project Manager, California Energy Commission
  • Arizona Welcome (no slides)
Patrick J. Cunningham, Deputy Director, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Debbie Kimberly, Manager, Energy Efficiency & Policy Analysis Salt River Project
Dawn Deel, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
Larry Myer, California Energy Commission
Session II: Carbon Sequestration Pilot Projects
(Moderated by John Henry Beyer, WESTCARB Geologic Pilot Projects Manager)

John Boyer, Arizona Public Service Co.

Rob Trautz, EPRI

Edward Hymes, Shell; Sean McFadden, Shell; John Henry Beyer, LBNL

John Kadyszewski, Winrock International

Wednesday, September 16
Session III: Public Outreach & Regulatory Issues
(Moderated by Rich Myhre, WESTCARB Outreach Coordinator)
Bruce Kobelski, Geologist/GS Team Leader for Underground Injection Control Program, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Isha Ray, University of California–Berkeley
Martha Krebs, University of California–Davis
Jim Cathcart, Oregon Department of Forestry
Leslie Bryan, Western Shasta Resource Conservation District
SESSION IV: Panel Discussion on CCS Institutional Issues
(Moderated by Richard Rhudy, WESTCARB CO2 Source and Capture Technology Characterization Manager)
John Kadyszewski, Winrock International
Larry Myer, LBNL
Jerry Fish, Stoel Rives, LLP
Sarah Wade, AJW Group
SESSION V(a):Terrestrial Sequestration Activities (Parallel Breakout Session) (Moderated by Katie Goslee, WESTCARB Terrestrial Sequestration Pilots Manager)

Regional characterization projects

Katie Goslee, Winrock International
Silvia Petrova, Winrock International
    Shasta county (CA) overview
Katie Goslee, Winrock International; Leslie Bryan, Western Shasta Resource Conservation District
Bob Rynearson, Beaty & Associates
Matt Fehrenbacher, Pacific Forest Trust; Katie Goslee, Winrock International
Katie Goslee, Winrock International (for Clair Thomas and Jim Walls, LCRI)

Katie Goslee, Winrock International

Jim Cathcart, Oregon Department of Forestry
Dave Saah, Spatial Informatics Group
Alex Finkral, Northern Arizona University
SESSION V(b): Regional Regional Geological Characterization, CCS Economics, and Characterization/Monitoring Technology Innovations (Parallel Breakout Session) (Moderated by Lorraine Hwang, WESTCARB Regional Geologic Characterization Manager)
Lorraine Hwang, California Institute for Energy & Environment
Jeri Young, Arizona Geological Survey
Lorraine Hwang, CIEE (for Scott Stevens, ARI)
Preston Jordan, LBNL
Paul Cook, LBNL
Ken Hnottavange-Telleen, Schlumberger Carbon Services

CCS Economics (Subsession moderated by Dick Rhudy, WESTCARB CO2 Source and Capture Technology Characterization Manager)

Sunil Ghose, Nexant
Gary Shu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thursday, September 17

Field Trip to Arizona Utilities CO2 Storage Project Site
and APS Cholla Power Plant (no slides)