WESTCARB Annual Meeting
Lodi, California, October 25-26, 2011

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WESTCARB 2011 Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
SESSION I: Welcome and Overview (moderated by Elizabeth Burton, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Mike Gravely, California Energy Commission)

WESTCARB Welcome and Introduction (no slides)

Mike Gravely, WESTCARB Principal Investigator, California Energy Commission

California Welcome (no slides) Laurie ten Hope, Division Deputy Director, Energy Research & Development, California Energy Commission
DOE/NETL's Carbon Sequestration Program Overview Brian Dressel, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
WESTCARB 2011 Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB Technical Advisor, LBNL
SESSION II: Geologic Characterization Updates (moderated by Lorraine Hwang, California Institute for Energy & Environment)
CSUB NSF Center for Research in Science and Technology: CCS Water Resource Projections in the San Joaquin Valley Robert Negrini and Dirk Baron, California State University–Bakersfield, and Patrick Mickler, University of Texas
Wilmington Graben Project Update and SoCal Geologic Atlas Jean Young, Terralog Technologies
Hydrogen Energy California – New Directions for a Low- Carbon Power Project Tim Bauer, SCS Energy
WESTCARB Carbon Atlas Update Kevin Koy, Geospatial Innovation Facility, College of Natural Resources, University of California–Berkeley
SESSION III: Integrated CCS Technology Developments (moderated by Rich Myhre, BKi)
WESTCARB NGCC-CCS Project Study Rich Myhre, BKi
Geologic CO2 Sequestration Potential of 42 California Power Plant Sites Katie Myers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Advanced Turbine Development for Pressurized Oxy-Combustion Commercial Scale-Up Leonard Devanna, Clean Energy Systems
Sacramento Valley Geology and Citizen Green Well at King Island Elizabeth Burton and John Beyer, LBNL, and Pat Ross, Princeton Natural Gas
From Field Data to Simulation Wayne Rowe, Schlumberger Carbon Services
SESSION IV: PANEL DISCUSSION: Laboratory Testing and Analysis for Site Assessments – A Comparison of Lab Results and Simulations to In Situ Measurements or Field Observations (moderated by John Beyer, LBNL)
Preliminary TOUGH2 Model of King Island CO2 Injection Curt Oldenburg, LBNL
Geochemical Investigations of King Island Well Mark Conrad, LBNL
Sealing Characteristics of Shale Jason Heath, Sandia National Laboratory
Laboratory Seismic and Electrical Resistivity Monitoring of Supercritical CO2 Flooding in Sandstone Cores Seiji Nakagawa, LBNL
Using Synchrotron Micro Tomography for Pore-Scale Characterization of Super-Critical CO2 Flow:
Implications for Seismic Monitoring
Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, LBNL
Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Surveys to Monitor CO2 John Beyer, LBNL
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
SESSION V: CCS Policy and Education Updates
(moderated by Niall Mateer, California Institute for Energy & Environment)
California Carbon Capture and Storage Dan Springer and Dorota Keverian, The William J. Clinton Foundation
California’s Cap on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Market-Based Compliance Mechanisms: Emphasis on Geologic Sequestration
Elizabeth Scheehle, California Air Resources Board
A Voice for California’s CCS Industry Pete Montgomery, CCS Coalition
Carbon Tech Alliance – Collaboration for Success James Workman, EOS Alliance
SESSION VI: WESTCARB Geologic Characterization, CO2 Utilization, and Storage R&D Updates
(moderated by Elizabeth Burton, LBNL)
Hydrocarbon Pool Sizes in the Bunker, Millar, and Conway Ranch Gas Fields – Southern Sacramento Basin, California  John Clinkenbeard, California Geological Survey
Geologic Evaluation for Potential CO2 Storage in Arizona’s Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins: The Safford Basin, Southeastern Arizona Brian Gootee, Arizona Geological Survey
Beneficial Uses for CO2 Within the State of California Kevin O’Brien, Energy Commercialization
Geologic Storage Research and Development Needs – October 2011 Workshop (no slides) Larry Myer, LTI